Folders, Binders & Indexes

Quantity:140 Height:1.2 cm Width:4.32 cm
Adhesive type:Removable Double-sided:No Tab type:Blank tab Height:4.3 cm
Quantity:24 Height:3.8 cm Width:5.08 cm
Height:3.8 cm Width:5.08 cm Number of tabs:24
Colour of product:Transparent Dimensions (W x D x H):304.8 x 76.2 x 381 mm (12 x 3 x 15")
Colour of product:Black, Silver
Colour of product:Black Dimensions (WxDxH):238.1 x 238.1 x 76.2 mm Height:30.48 cm Width:23.81 cm
Colour of product:Grey
Adjustable angle:Yes Maximum capacity:35 sheets Quantity per pack:1 Colour of product:Black, White
Quantity:140 Height:4.3 cm Width:1.2 cm
Quantity:200 Height:3.8 cm Width:2 cm